Upcoming Exhibition:
July 22, 2016 - August 26th, 2016

University of Central Florida, Art Gallery
12400 Aquarius Agora Dr, Orlando, FL 32816
Opening exhibition dates and times: TBA
UCF Art Gallery presents Progeny, Click Here for more details!



Progeny is an interactive architectural sound installation measuring 24’X24’X9’. Modeled after the interior of a Langstroth beehive, 10 partitions clad in acoustic paneling are lifted from the ground and supported by custom-built flooring. 48 Microphones and 36 speakers transmit sound from the partitions and flooring. Sounds of people interacting in the space are signaled from one corridor to another.



The structure provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with composers and choreographers. Thirty-two contact microphones are fixed to the underside of the flooring and in the walls of each corridor, there are a mixture of microphones suited to picking up different nuances and colors of sound. Performances in both music and dance will accompany each exhibition.



A program of education draws parallels between community cohesion and the environment, by focusing on a large interactive sound installation touring throughout the United States and Europe. A children and adult arts education program combines academic study and practical workshops with performing and visual arts.



Speaker Lineup
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Bryce Hammond
Bryce Hammond has made architectural-based perspective paintings for 17 years. His recent body of work, Florida Migration includes 14- foot modular paintings constructed from wood scavenged from home demolition sites throughout central Florida. His current inter-media project is entitled Economy Motel in ...
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Luke Aaron Clark
Luke Aaron Clark is a sound artist, composer and Singer-Songwriter. Luke’s work explores the relationship between architecture and sound, our natural environment and everyday human interaction within these settings. His work has been exhibited and performed in Europe, America and South America. He has been an ...
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